Is this real?


Why is there a delay to receive my login credentials?

Your Mom needs to check availability and your account status.

How do I set up my email account?

See our help page

Can I pick any name?

Yes, within reason. Your Mom is a bit sassy, but she’s not abusive or profane. As a private company and persuant the Terms of Service, Your Mom reserves the right to reject applications for any name for any reason.

What if my name is no longer available?

If your name is not available we’ll offer you alternatives or you can request another name. If there aren’t any matches for you an account will not be created and you will not owe any money.

Why do you only offer subscriptions for payment?

We run a subscription based service. Auto payment is the easiest for you and for us. It allows us to focus on your service and not your bill.

Why don’t you offer a free trial?

Your Mom probably shouldn’t have to explain the ways that a free trial could be abused. Either you want Your Mom or you don’t. We do offer a referral program in which you get a free month after someone you refer has completed their sixth paid month. Just have them enter your address in the referred-by field when they sign up.

Why do I have to pay for this service?

Providers like Google make money off your data. Your data on Your Mom is yours. Using Your Mom is kind of like paying for that ad-free version of your favorite app–your support allows us to focus on what’s important to you–fast, secure email.

Is there a disk quota?

Yes, 5GB. In the future you’ll be able to buy more but this is actually a lot of space for email.

Are there attachment file size limits?

Yes. 20MB.


Because most ISPs reject mail over that size so even if we allow it, your mail may not go through.

Are There Recipient Limits?

Yes, 20 per email.


Well aren’t you full of questions today? Your Mom is not a newsletter service. To send bulk mail please use a service such as madmimi.com.

How do I change my password?

  • Log into webmail
  • Go to Settings -> Password

IMPORTANT: If you’ve already set up your email account on your computer, phone or tablet you will also need to change your password in your settings for all mail apps that you use.